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Driven by passion and continuous innovation. At Vastada Consulting we believe in sustainable creative solutions. We are working with some of the most recognized companies in tackling their complex challenges and to help them in revolutionizing our world.

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What we are looking for?

If you like challenges and creativity, Vastada Consulting is a place for you. At Vastada we like experimenting and pushing our limits. Creative ideas and people who think out-of-the-box gets us drooling. Our team of highly motivated and experienced people loves what they do. Our work isn’t just job for us. Instead, it’s our passion and we are obsessed with it. So Whether you are a jack of all trades or a master of one, If you are passionate about what you do.

We would love to have you!

Why work at Vastada Consulting?


We believe in innovating solutions and bringing out fresh ideas. Our courage lies in the fact that we don’t hesitate to experiment and evolve. Old might be gold but creating something new is priceless. Beware! Our audacity to innovate is contagious.


We are committed to diversity, expression, and inclusion. People from diverse backgrounds bring fresh ideas, different perspectives, great experiences and variety of knowledge to our tables. Our authentic and diligent people are a source of growth and strength.


We love to see our people grow and encourage our team to take more responsibilities, set new goals and improvizing themselves. Happy faces, excited discussions, and random ideas are a common sight here. Together, we work, laugh, brainstorm and grow.


We have an abundance of positive vibe and infectious energy. We are constantly ideating, contemplating and brainstorming to keep the energy up and high all the time. We love the vibe here and we think you will too.

Passion Is Priceless

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