Who We Are

Vastada Consulting is a leading strategy, communication, and technology consulting firm for private, public, government and social sector organizations. We build sustainable and innovative solutions for our clients based on continuous research and analysis of facts.
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What We Do

  • Significantly improve and refine strategic visibility focused on value creation.
  • Create and shape a sustainable growth strategy focused on the right choice of products, services & communications adaptable to future economic and market conditions.
  • We prepare organizations for challenges, knowledge, and opportunities related to the future of business.
  • Design and manage the marketing strategy to develop a brand at the national level.
  • Meet the new needs of organizations which face more and more complex challenges in an increasingly uncertain environment.
  • We create customized intelligent strategic solutions for organizations to build life-long trust and connections with employees, customers, partners and the society

Our Mission

Empowering organizations through innovative and sustainable solutions.
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Vision - Vastada Consulting

Our Vision

Shaping the future of businesses by sharing new knowledge and implementing innovative solutions.

Our Values


We believe in respecting differences and individuality. We understand that despite different opinions and beliefs, collectively we all are contributing to a greater good. It is only with mutual respect for each other, we can learn from each other and grow together.


Courage to choose the right path and be real. We understand that sustainable growth and success comes from strong moral principle and values. Not just being successful and profitable, we aim at being fair and using ethical ways of growth so that success is long-lived and ever growing.


We understand our responsibility towards our clients and the solutions that we provide. Taking complete ownership of our tasks is something that we enjoy at Vastada. No matter what the problem is, we will own it. Sooner or later!

Dedication & Passion

Client satisfaction and organization's growth is something that we take very seriously. We are passionate about providing satisfactory solutions to our clients and our dedication to providing value and growth is something that doesn't go overlooked.


Commitment to delivering value and quality beyond expectations. We know our clients expect the best from us and we make it sure that no stone is left unturned to deliver our clients better than their expectations. Excellence for us is an obsession and our clients love it.

Working Together

We know what we all are collectively moving towards our future. In that case, why not work together? We feel that every business should aim towards being a sustainable business and working together is the only way towards complete sustainability.

Community Impact

JIVATAM A Way towards change
JIVATAM is an initiative by Vastada Group to bring positive changes in underprivileged communities and create sustainable solutions for their empowerment. These solutions include empowering women, creating awareness about the environment, educating children and supporting educational infrastructure in remote places, creating sources of happiness for children with special abilities, educating people to embrace healthy practices for daily activities in slums and villages, and providing access and knowledge for clean energy. health facilities and sanitation. 
Our social programs are focused on our belief of creating equal opportunities for development for everyone.